It is that time again, time for another awesome review of a local business in our area. Like always we will be focusing on a business with a hire price point so that you can avoid paying a ton of money for something you do not need.

In this case though, we are going to save you from something much more risky! This is choosing a dentist. You see not only can a dentist be expensive, it can also be quite painful if you choose the wrong one.

So with that in mind we decided to review a local Dallas Dentistry business and see if we could find out some

What We Found

During our visit to the this dentist we, of course, kept it a secret that we were a review team. We did this by acting and paying like any old customer. Right off the bat we noticed that this dentist had a very clean office and the staff that was working there was more than friendly.

Fortunately, a member of our staff also had a cavity at the time so we were also able to put ourselves in a real customers position. Here is what our staff member had to report about his visit.

Overall he found the visit quick and as painless as possible. He told us the dentist made it so he did not feel a thing during the operation and this made him far more at ease. He also told us that the dentist was very timely and did not waste any time when it came to completing his minor operation.

Because of all this he gave the business two thumbs up! So with that in mind we can recommend this dentist!

Next week we will be looking at White discharge In women

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